Wilson Triad Three



Introducing one of the most arm-friendly rackets on the market. It’s called the Triad Three, and it will give beginner and intermediate level players an outstanding combination of comfort and power. Thanks to its time-tested Triad Technology, this racket features an ultra low stiffness rating and one of the industry’s best technologies for reducing impact vibration. With its large 665 square centimeter head, the Triad Three provides a nice margin of error, ensuring that performance and comfort remain high when contact is less than perfect. The extra length (69.85”) means that you’ll be able to attack the ball with extra momentum, a fact that bodes well for those who want to hit with more power and spin. In addition to this racket's luxurious Triad technology, it also comes with Power Holes, which enables the string bed to soak up additional vibration and transfer more power to your shot. From the baseline this racket's head heavy balance gives it outstanding stability and comfort. Medium length strokes produce plenty of depth, with blistering pace available to those who swing this racket fast. At net this stick feels stable against pace and it provides a generous platform for making clean contact with the ball. The extended length makes for easy net clearance and huge power on serves. Players who place a premium on comfort and power should take a serious look at the Wilson Triad Three.

Head Size: 113in²/665cm²
Length: 27.5in/69,85cm
Weight: 9.7oz/ 275g
Unstrung Weight:9.1oz/258g
Balance: 36,83cm/ 6 pts HH
Unstrung Balance:36cm/ 3 pts HH
Stiffness:N/A (Very Low)
Beam Width:26mm / 30mm / 26mm
Composition: Graphite/Basalt Matrix
Racket Colours:Blue/Silver
Grip Type:Wilson Hybrid Grip
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses