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Get A Grip! How $5 Can Save Your Tennis Game

Get A Grip! How $5 Can Save Your Tennis Game

It's time to get a GRIP!

Too many tennis players out there are using old, dirty, worn out grips that it makes me sad. Stop being lazy, get to Tip Top Tennis and invest in a new grip. $5 will change your game completely. Whether you are a weekend warrior, night comp hot shot, tournament player or veteran master mind, a new grip allows you to do more.

It's interesting to see players investing in tennis lessons, paying $70-$110 each hour yet won't invest $5 on a grip. If your grip is old, worn out and lost its GRIP what do you think happens during a shot? At the moment of contact the handle rotates in your hand, changing your hand position on the handle, changing the angle of the racquet face and ultimately changes the flight path of the ball. 

It's easy to avoid. Spend $5 on a grip, spend less and buy a tub. We will even put it on for you at no extra charge. Be smart and get a GRIP!

The importance of trying before buying

When it's time to buy that new racquet, the tennis racquet you have been dreaming about, watching your favourite player use at the recent Grand Slam, stop and breathe. There is no need to rush the purchase, you have time, much more time than you think.

Firstly, why rush? If you need a racquet, take the time to know your options, speak with the specialists and DEMO! Players on the ATP or WTA pro-tour never rush into changing tennis racquets. Some players continue to use their old frames (just freshly painted for sponsorships), Andrew Agassi was rumoured to be using an early Donnay Racquet for years. Players like using what they know and what feels good. 

Recently the most extreme racquet transition was with the 19 Grand Slam winner, Roger Federer. He wen't through a few average patches of tennis while he was working with Wilson Tennis on perfecting his next frame. It took months. I can remember watching him play a first round match in Germany, he was using a black frame, what appeared to be a larger head size and was playing awful! I wasn't sure what he was trying to do but the thing I love most about Roger is, he was trying.

Roger knew it was time to change racquets. His trusty, traditional frame of the Pro Staff was not allowing him to do what he needed to do with the tennis ball. It's similar to the decision for Tiger Woods when he changed his swing at number 1 in the world. Both are the best because they are willing to take some short to medium term set backs, ultimately allowing them to play at their best for longer.

After months of back and forth with Wilson, Roger picked the racquet for him. An updated and never before made Pro Staff Autograph. Roger co-designed the racquet and the very same frame sits on our shelf at Tip Top Tennis. It's a heavy 340g tennis racquet but when you hit it clean, man, it's the real deal!

If you're unsure of what your game needs, what racquet does what and even whether you need a new wand or not, come down to our tennis shop in Berwick. We will give you unbiased advise on what we believe is the right racquet for you.

Call, email or just pop in. We love to help people find the right tennis racquet and not just grab the prettiest or most popular. We are here to serve you.

Knowing the correct grip size

Selecting the right racquet for the right player can be tricky, especially for younger players who haven't been around the game long. This small article was written by Mark Eibl, a Physiotherapist for many years with his practice in Berwick. PhyioFit. For me information about Mark, head to www.physiofit.clinic

 Playing tennis with the correct grip size is crucial to performance, and the prevention of injury. Selecting the optimal sized grip for your hand size will enable you to use your racquet more efficiently and effectively. The goal is to get the maximum amount of hand surface which allows you to grip the racquet with less effort.


The right grip size enables your forearm and hand muscles to be at an optimal length/tension and the relationship and joint structures to be in a more neutral posion, thus improving your tennis…well hopefully!

Incorrect grip size can cause arm, wrist and forearm injuries such as: tennis elbow, tendinis/tenosynovis, wrist sprain or pain and shoulder injuries. With a grip too small, you will try to compensate for less contact area by squeezing harder than you should, which increases your risk of tennis elbow. You also need to avoid the premature muscle fatigue that results from having to hang on to the racquet with a tight grip.

The grip should always feel comfortable.

Overgrips and replacement grips can increase the overall size of the grip by as much as a full grip size. When purchasing your racquet, you may need to get a smaller grip size to accommodate using an overgrip in the future. Keep in mind that grip sizes can be made bigger, but it is near impossible to make a grip smaller than it’s original size. When purchasing a racquet don’t guess or compromise - measure!

The right size is the best size. See video below to correctly measure your hand for the best grip size...

Or select the following link to download our printable version that has illustrations on the 'how to' measure correctly.


Free Tennis Coaching Tips!

FREE tennis coaching tips are always nice. Sometimes they won't help your game much, other times they will be super beneficial. At Tip Top tennis we have created a free members only section called 'Coaching Tips'. This section of our site is all about tennis information that will help a wide range of players. From beginners to the elite.

Our tennis shop is located in Berwick, 40kms East of Melbourne and our tennis coaching business' are located at Upper Beaconsfield Tennis Club and Hallam Tennis Club, however we want to reach more players!

Reaching more players can be a tough thing to do but we think we have worked out one way of doing it. Our free coaching tips will always remain a free service, with the hope of sharing our knowledge with other keen tennis enthusiasts. Here is the link to our first addition of our free coaching tips. Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy :)


STOP! Understanding your tennis personality and style

Knowing your own game can be difficult. Simple aspects like, aggressiveness, defensive capabilities and overall game style are one thing but knowing your game intimately is another.

When we watch the game of tennis, players at the highest level with the likes of Serena Williams and Roger Federer we see mastery at its highest level. It looks like they were born with a gift, that gift being handed to them by the tennis God's. 

My view is a little different. Yes I believe that they are two incredible athlete's, two masters of the sport but they were made not born. Science shows us through training we can develop our brains in literally any capacity we want. We are able to Dream. Believe and create. 

First step (the goal) is vital as all that follows is in its pursuit. Second the motivation and fire to peruse the goal. Third is masterful training. Combine those with the right mentor/coach you are setting yourself up for every success! 

With this in mind I jump back to theme of the article, knowing your game. If you don't, who will? Take time to understand what style of tennis you enjoy most, what aspects of your personality 

are best reflected by that particular style and intimately know your game. Shot selection, break point tendencies, service patterns, net position, grip changes and everything in between. Remove the emotional attachment when studying your game and you will understand more, see more and improve quicker.

Tennis is ultimately an art form that reflects you as a person, so don't hide from who you are and what you need to be on Court.

Need some help finding out what type of player you are? Or better still want to know techniques on developing your tennis personality? 

Email us and let's get to work


Setting up our dream shop

This is the beginning of a beautiful post. A post that will highlight an adventure that brought us to Tip Top Tennis. We can now proudly call us owners of a tennis retail shop, trading out of Berwick, a small South Eastern suburb of Melbourne. Melbourne is the home of sports in Australia and of course home to one of the biggest tennis tournaments, The Australian Open! 

Nestled around 40kms from the beating heart of the 'home of tennis we are chuffed to have built our little shop from scratch.

There is Jordan and myself Brett who made it all come together and we're pretty excited to be working together. 

We're open now, we've built the online tennis shop and fine tuning everyday. We have a wide range of experience, product knowledge and hope we can help everyone that walks through our doors. 

Be sure to browse our shop, call to discuss racquets or equipment and pop in to see our range. We love talking tennis and in Melbourne what a place to do it!